I started pottery at an evening class and from then on I knew I was hooked and wanted to peruse it further. A few years later I started a two year apprenticeship with Dartmoor based potters; Nic Collins and Sabine Nemet. It was during this time that I found the love of wood-firing; the physical challenges that go with preparing the materials, the chopping and the stacking of wood, the heat from the kiln and the coming together of friends and family to help fire the pots. 


finished my apprenticeship in 2018, where I then went on to set up my workshop and built a wood-fired, down draught kiln on the North coast of Devon. I now spend my time making and selling at craft and pottery markets as well as my online Etsy Shop.


In August 2019, I participated in the Young Wood Firers Symposium at Guldaggergard Ceramic Research centre in Denmark where I had the opportunity to develop my work further and meet fellow wood firers. 



Picture taken by Ole Akhoej