I make wheel thrown, wood fired pottery with the thought in mind of them being used and enjoyed becoming part of a persons daily routine whilst bringing a little bit of happiness with it.  


I originally trained at The Barn Pottery in Dartmoor, it was here I did a two-year apprenticeship with potters Sabine Nemet and Nic Collins. During this time, I found the love for wood firing. I was drawn to the physical challenges of preparing the materials; the chopping and the stacking of wood. The warmth from the kiln, and the crackling of the fire during the solitude of the 'graveyard' shift. In finishing my apprenticeship, I went on to set up my own workshop and built a wood- fired, down draught kiln on the North coast of Devon. I have since moved to Cornwall. So, my time is split between making pots in my workshop in Penryn and firing them in North Devon.    


Each pot is made from start to finish by me; I mix and wedge the clay, weigh, then turn, trim, decorate and glaze them. My approach to clay leans towards the way in which they are fired, and so I make for that. I use wood for both heat and ash decoration as well as bicarbonate of soda as a glaze, which is sprayed in during the firing. Recently however, I have been exploring surface and pattern design further in the use of brush work and hand painted patterns. Like anything, with each making, and firing cycle I am continuously learning. By making small alterations each time, I am getting that bit closer to seeing what is want from my pots be it the form, the pattern, colours, or the firing. 

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