Wheel thrown, wood fired stoneware footed bowl. 


Approx. 9.5cm D x 12.5cm H



Note- hand washing recommended for best care. All items are made individually by hand, so subtle difference and variation may occur.




  • This handmade beaker is made from a white stoneware. Each beaker is thrown and formed on an electric wheel. I apply the glaze inside and out using glaze, then slip and wax resist decoration on the outside. 

    All pots are fired in my wood fired kiln to 1280 degrees. I glaze and decorate once dry and fire from raw clay (no bisque firing), packing the kiln over a two day period. I fire the pots for around 32 hours purely with wood. During this time when the kiln has reached the right temperature I spray in bicarbonate of soda over a 3-4 hour period. Before ending with a soak and final temperature reach. The kiln takes around 3-4 days to cool, in which time I nervously await to see the results!

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